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Making Your Business More Social with SlideShare

SlideShare is an online presentation website that businesses use to upload presentations, documents and PDF files. Sporting 30 million monthly viewers, this website makes uploaded presentation embeddable and sharable to various social networking platforms. However, there’s more to this presentation website than that. Brands can also use it to gain social media success if they know how to do it.

Tell Your Business’ Story

Since presentations cover specific subject matter and are more three-dimensional, SlideShare is used by businesses of all sizes to tell their story. In addition, the online presentation site can also leverage a company’s latest thinking, research and videos from its employees since it conveys a more personal approach.

Share In-depth Information

Using SlideShare’s charts and graphs, businesses can easily share in-depth information, like financial status, latest research or case studies. This kind of information is difficult to present using traditional website tools. In turn, it enables organizations to connect with their potential clients in an entire new way since it’s easy to understand details posted on the presentation website.

Connect with Wider Audience

Another way that businesses can use SlideShare is to reach and engage a whole new array of audience. Using the online presentation website’s social tools and community sections, brands can track users who comment on, embed or share their presentations. In turn, they can root who their viewers are and how they can connect with them.

Leverage Your Business’ Exposure

Although holding a webinar or an online conference can reach thousands of people, SlideShare can amplify the number of audience. Since a company can upload a video through this website, it’s easy to promote the content using its various social media links, with an additional bonus of squeezing inbound links to its original source.

Measure Your Leads and Use the Social Media

It’s a no-brainer that whatever is measured gets funded. That being said, SlideShare features the Eloqua channel to measure the online presentation site’s lead. In addition, this channel can automatically populate SlideShare’s demand generation profile database. Another best thing about the presentation website is its social networking cross-pollination capabilities. Under its channel description, a company can highlight its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube links which can also generate inbound links for a website.


SlideShare proves itself to be an untraditional avenue to promote a brand. This online presentation site obviously has functionalities and capabilities that need to be discovered and must be used to its full extent.

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