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Melissa Leo launches Oscars ads for herself


You’re a woman of a certain age in Hollywood (whose last name is not Streep), and even though you’re an Academy Award front-runner, you feel like you need a little extra oomph to get the powers that be in your corner. Melissa Leo, nominated for best supporting actress for her smack-talking mommy fiercest in The Fighter, has bought her own ads in trade magazines to pump her chances with the Academy, and keep her top of mind in the “What have you done for me lately?” entertainment business. It’s not unprecedented, but it’s rare that actors do their own heavy lifting on the awards-marketing front. (History has shown that it can end up serving the intended purpose, or it can backfire.) Leo, whose résumé is dotted with well-respected indie films and seminal TV series, told Deadline that she wanted to create her own traction. After all, it’s tough to land many magazine covers these days with Natalie Portman around. At the very least, the 50-year-old actress got to shed her Fighter white-trash wardrobe for something much more glamorous. Still to be determined is whether the campaign, with the single word, “Consider,” will be seen as classy or crass.

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