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Setting Up a Facebook Profile that Works for Your Business

Regardless whether you’re new to online marketing or not, you’d definitely want to include Facebook to your list of marketing tools. Unfortunately, not everyone knows where to begin when it comes to Facebook marketing. What they didn’t know is that it should start with a Facebook profile.

Register and Edit Your Profile

The first thing that you should do is to sign up for a Facebook account. When you’re done, the next thing that you should do is edit your profile.

It’s highly recommended to use a first-person conversational tone when writing your “bio” section. This would make your account sound more human. Being business-like makes your profile look like a dummy account that solely promotes your products or services. As for your birthday, it’s best that you hide the year of your birth for security purposes.

It is also your prerogative whether you’ll show your real relationship status or not. You can state your relationship status or you can just leave it blank. You can also set your privacy settings so that only a limited number of people can see your relationship status.

Upload a Profile Photo

In this age of social networking, a relaxed but professional-looking headshot photo is a more acceptable for business purposes. You can also edit your thumbnail to make it recognizable. Meanwhile, using group pictures of you and other people is not advisable. You wouldn’t want your key contacts guessing who’s who based on your profile photo, would you?

Another thing, make sure that you’re using your most recent picture as a profile photo. That way, it’ll be easy for you to establish trust with your potential customers.

Understand the Power of Likes and Interests

You can connect to a relevant page by filling out your Facebook profile’s Likes and Interests section. Therefore, make sure to select the Likes and Interests that are related to your business. This could help you locate your potential customers and know other businesses across your niche.

Don’t Mix Business with Personal Stuff

Mixing business matters with personal stuff is a big no-no in Facebook marketing. That way, you’re guaranteed that whatever embarrassing posts your personal account have will not ruin your business’ online marketing strategies.


Facebook is definitely an influential online marketing tool that should be included in your tool box. But using it to its full potential requires a professional, trustworthy and relevant user profile.

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