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Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

It goes without saying that social media can help your business’ online presence to go farther. However, it requires thorough planning—a thing that online marketer wanna-bes and noobs don’t know. Creating an online presence for your business obviously requires a clear idea on how you should use various social media channels to engage your target customers.

Automated Greetings

Using an automated greeting for anyone who follows your online business profile can be a time saver. However, your followers can see this as lame and may tend to flag you as spam. You don’t want that to happen to your business, do you? The trick here is to make your greetings and any of your social media messages personal.


Because redundancy is something that annoys other people, it is something that you wouldn’t want to do in a conversation. It only makes sense why repetitive tweets or status updates is a no-no in social media marketing. If you have multiple social networking accounts that are synched together, make sure that whatever you post on one will not cause you embarrassing redundancies on the other.

 “Ghost” Online Marketers

Hiring “ghost” online marketers to run a business’ social media campaign is another big no-no in social media marketing. The risk here is that they really don’t know how to promote your business online, and this can hurt your brand. If you want to have a successful social media campaign, hire online marketing professionals who know how to cater to your promotional needs accordingly.


There are times when a business owner thinks that it’s all right for his or her employees to use a single voice to represent their brand. While it can work most of the time, that doesn’t sound personal at all. Inform your employees about your Internet campaigns’ dos and don’ts, and then let them be themselves. That way, your online customers can sense a human touch with their every interaction with your brand.

Product Broadcasting

Having a social media presence might be helpful when promoting a brand. However, too much broadcasting is not a good idea. You can also share links from other businesses across your industry, post interesting and useful content, or create a contest that will encourage your audience to revisit your page more often. Otherwise, your updates will be predictable, boring and spammy.

When done right, social networking sites can definitely boost your business’ online presence. However, going online just because it’s the “it” thing won’t really do your brand any good

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