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Understanding Facebook Insights

Facebook Page Insights

Source: Facebook Page Insights | Facebook Help Center

When it comes to business, Facebook is considered as an ideal social media marketing tool. That’s because it helps you promote your brand, reach your target market, and engage your existing customers—all at the same time. However, it’s difficult to know whether your Facebook marketing campaign is effective. This is where Facebook Page Insights takes action.

Only visible to the Page admin, Facebook Insights provides information on how your fans interact with your content. That’s why it’s important that you constantly monitor your page’s insights. Listed below are five areas of Facebook Insights that you need to keep an eye on:


Depending on the message that you send out that day, your page can acquire more fans. The spikes on Likes will help you determine the type of post that generates more supporters for your brand.


Aside from acquiring fans, you can also use your business’ Facebook Page to engage them. You can do this by sharing content that will spark conversation between your brand and your customer. You can check your Insights’ spikes in Comments if you want to know what type of post generates high interaction.


There can be various reasons why a fan will hit the unlike button on your page. However, you can avoid this if you know what triggers the unlike. Analyze your spikes in Unsubscribes and the content or activities that you made that day. That should give you an idea on what drives them away from your brand.

Impressions and Feedback

Impressions and Feedback are tricky parts in Facebook marketing. Broadcasting your brand can give you high impressions, but not the same amount of feedback. Therefore, you should always monitor your Impression and Feedback insights to find the right media mix that will encourage interaction among your fans.

External Referrers

Using other platforms to promote your brand can drive traffic to your Facebook Page. But it’s not enough that you know how to bring more fans to your page. You should also know where they are coming from. Other than that, External Referrers can give you an insight if your marketing campaign outside Facebook works.

While a Facebook Page is a great way to promote your brand and generate revenue for your business, you should know how to use it. Good thing, there’s Facebook Insights that provides granular data about your marketing efforts. Therefore, it’s important to monitor your insights consistently to come up with an effective campaign for your business.

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