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Using LinkedIn to Promote Events

Boasting 135 million users, LinkedIn is not just use to connect with relevant professionals in your industry. It also has an application that can help you promote your events to your target audience. However, you have to know the Events feature and how you can advantage of it.

Unique Event Logo

Most LinkedIn users overlook to upload an event’s logo whenever they post and promote a happening. As a result, they all turn out to be the same. Let your events stand out and be different from others by including an event logo.

Creative Event Title

Another way to make your event promotion unique is to have a creative event title. A catchy event title captures more attention from LinkedIn users. In order to come up with a creative event title, think of your audience and the benefits that they can get when they attend your event.

Comprehensive Event Description

Wouldn’t it be better if your event has a brief and concise description instead of making it long and detailed? You can write the description in bulleted form, highlighting what benefits your attendees will get if they join your event. In addition, encourage them to click the ‘I’m Attending’ or ‘Follow’ buttons. That way, their network will also see this action.

Descriptive Offsite Registration Page

When creating an event in LinkedIn, you are given an option to submit a URL wherein interested attendees can sign up. Use this option for your benefit by creating an off-site event registration page. Through this page, you can give a detailed description of what your event is all about, and you can also store your attendees’ information in a database. This information could come in handy in case you’ll conduct more relevant events in the future.

Additional Details

Don’t forget to include the time, date and location of your event, as well as an indication if it is a virtual event or not. You can also take advantage of the Labels section by adding relevant keywords to optimize your event in search results.

Promoting Your Event Outside LinkedIn

When you’re done with creating a LinkedIn event, the next thing you should so is promote it to generate visibility and grow your attendance. You can post it to your LinkedIn company page, relevant groups and other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, or by sending a direct and personal invites.


The good thing about LinkedIn Events Tool is that it doesn’t only cater to traditional gathering. You can also promote roundtables, meetings, workshops and even webinars using this feature. So head on to your LinkedIn page, and give the redesigned LinkedIn Events Tool a spin.



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