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When Social Media Causes Disaster to Your Business

It’s a no-brainer that social networking sites can be a company’s great marketing tool. It helps business owners to connect and build relationship with their customers. Plus, it’s a great channel to advertise new products or services. However, mishandling a social media account can ruin a business big time. In addition, these websites are also vulnerable to hacking, which questions user information safety.

Below are five social media mistakes that can wreck your business.


Hackers are like online ghouls although they use programs to access a business’ social media account. If that occurs, they can post any content that can damage the brand’s name and credibility online. Moreover, they can use your followers’ personal information or financial data to commit further crimes. You can prevent this through using quality passwords and never logging in your business’ online account using a public WiFi connection.

Mixing Business and Personal Accounts

Oftentimes, people who have social media accounts are those who handle their business’ profiles. Thus, there’s a great chance that they can mix up their personal and business accounts. Since the latter is very public, accidentally posting a personal status on that channel can spread quickly even if it’s promptly deleted. It can be worse if a status update is embarrassing or doesn’t reflect professionalism.

Over Promotion

Although social networking sites are meant to promote your business further, posting advertisement several times a day can definitely annoy your followers. Users are tired seeing ads every day. Therefore, broadcasting your company’s slogan too much may discourage your audience from following you online or from buying your products and services.

Ignoring Customer Feedback

Another reason of having a social media page for your business is to enable your customers to connect with you. Since there’s an instant connection between the customers and the brand, ignoring customer feedback is a big no-no for business owners. Consumers who post their concerns online are seeking immediate attention. Hence, overlooking these posts could discourage them and might lead them to un-follow your online profile.


Whether you are aware of plagiarism or not, copying content from other sources without citing it is a crime. The Internet is crowded with too much information, that’s why it is possible for every business to accidentally post copied content. Simply put, you have to be careful with what you publish on your social media account.

A lot of Internet users read a handful of posts day in and day out. That’s why a business post must be proofread and error free before publishing it online. Additionally, you must also put your customers into consideration. Otherwise, you can mislead and lose your target market.


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